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What is Halal Medicine and Supplement ?

Most of the medicines and mouthwashes contain alcohol - if you can find an alcoholic free alternative then use that instead. Medicines containing alcohol would be considered halal if there were no suitable alternatives available.

It should be noted that only ethyl alcohol (such as methylated spirits and ethanol, the alcohol found in alcoholic drinks) are intoxicating and are therefore haram. Other forms of alcohol (such as stearyl) are not intoxicating.

These types of alcohol won't be found in any food or drink due to the fact that they are generally poisonous, but it is a point worth bearing in mind when buying household goods containing these.

Some medicines and supplements also use gelatine as part of their capsules. It can be permissible to use these if the gelatine are Halal UNDERLESS stated Haram. If without label and sickness is critical, use ONLY if there are no suitable alternatives.

Retrieved from http://www.ehalal.org/medicine.html


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